Aileen Benzie April 26, 2015

Aileen Benzie

Aileen Benzie


Since her arrival in Vernon, Aileen has been a dear friend and tai chi colleague. 

She was a very caring teacher, especially of the Health recovery class.

There are many, many precious memories…

She’ll be very much missed by all of us.

Elizabeth Terlesky

Tai Chi brought us together. 

Aileen was always keen to teach me something new. 

I will miss her.

Sarah Blackett 

Thank you Aileen for all that you have taught me, for your wisdom and your patience, and above all for being a friend when I needed one.  You will be missed, God bless.

Kal Soon


This morning we received the following email from Aileen's husband Jack.


Hi Ben,

I’m very sorry to tell you that Aileen lost the battle with leukemia and died at 3.40 this morning.

The world has lost a wonderful person.



Aileen was a long time tai chi friend and a valuable member of Zhong Wen Taiji Academy.

Aileen was instrumental in the setup of ZWTA Vernon branch in 2012. She was the driving force in the location. We will miss her greatly.

Ben Chung and Lison Daignault

Aileen was a mentor, teacher and a friend. Her energy and enthusiasm were infectious. A new light shines in the evening sky.

Betty Chan Klepp

 I remember Tiny Aileen trying to help me "sit" - I still am trying!  Always reaching out to others. You are/will be missed!

Anne Mackay

Aileen, Lass, you are in the best of hands now. 

While you may have slipped out of your mortal coil, you are now in the realm of Spirit.  And your spirit is very much ALIVE. 

You go girl!  I'll see you on the Other Side, but just not quite yet.  Loving you always.  

Thelma Christian