Zhong Wen Taiji Academy is an proud member of International Association of TaiChi and LokHup Academies

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International Association of TaiChi and LokHup Academies


IATLA was established in 2008 by a group of tai chi organizations from 4 different countries. Those tai chi academies are run by former students of Master Moy Lin-shin. All have the spirit of Master Moy in helping people with their health. IATLA is a network of academies which embraced the same aims and objectives.

IATLA reaches out to all former students of Master Moy’s style of tai chi and lok hup and helps them to form academies and help others with their health.

For more information on IATLA please visit: www.moytaichi.org


Master Moy's Vision

A world without suffering from illness through the practice of Tai Chi


IATLA Mission

1. Raise public awareness of the benefits of tai chi

2. Train volunteer instructors to teach tai chi

3. To provide supports to former students of Master Moy so they can once again help others by teaching tai chi.



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Academy Member

Zhong Wen Taiji Academy, Naramata, British Columbia

Tai Chi by the Sea NL, Portugal Cove/ St. Philips

Associate Member

Shen Dao Tai Chi and Lok Hup Academy, Edmonton, Alberta

Honorary Member

Mrs. S.L. Kwan, Toronto, Ontario



Academy Member

Michigan Tai Chi Association, Livonia, Michigan


Associate Member

Academia de Tai Chi - Mexico


Academy Members

Lao Tse Tai Chi Academie, Dordrecht

Tai Chi Academie Weert, Weert

Associate Member

The Tai Chi Moy Group, Zoeterwoude-Rijndijk


United Kingdom

Academy Member

Angus Tai Chi Academy, Brechin, Scotland



Academy Member

Wrocławska Akademia Tai Chi, Wroclaw

Warsaw Academy Tai Chi and Lok Hup

Associate Members

Poznańskie Stowarzyszenie TaiChi, Poznan

Stowarzyszenie Akademia Tai Chi i Lok Hup, Lodz



Associate Member

Deutsche TaiChi Akademie, Frankfurt am Main


Associate Member

Lviv Society of Tai Chi & Lok Hup