Zhōng Wěn Taiji Academy

teaches the internal arts of tai chi for health


中 Zhong (sounds like "Joan") – centred

稳 Wen (sounds like "won") – stable, balanced

When practicing Tai Chi, being centred (Zhong) and balanced (Wen) are the most important principles.  All the moves in the set should be performed using these principles. Without them the moves become difficult - a bit like trying to open or close a badly fitted door! 

The Zhong Wen Academy teaches these principles providing the structure to do the moves in a relaxed and fluid fashion.  Once mastered, these principles are carried forward into everyday life. 

Our teachers have over 25 years’ experience teaching Moy Lin-Shin's style Tai Chi. We have a structured approach to teaching so you can be assured of total support in learning each move. Your health will improve and so benefit other aspects of your life.